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How to create
and maintain a
high-performance culture 

Discover the proven way leadership can transform your workplace culture.

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"The ultimate solution to maintain and attract the right people in a climate where a high-performance team is paramount to you and your company's success!"


What problems do we solve? 

Our solutions are designed specifically for leaders to develop their leadership skills and confidence to create a high-performance team environment to increase results and boost sales!

The workplace is changing and money isn't enough of an incentive anymore. People want to live their purpose through their work. They want to feel supported to try new things, feel free to innovate and be certain that they matter. We know that when individuals feel this way they perform better and it benefits your entire organization.


If you want to increase engagement, reduce absenteeism and turnover, then you need to put these leadership principles into place for long-term, sustainable business success. 


As the People & Culture experts serving businesses in the service industry in New Zealand and around the globe we are here to maximise your leadership performance. 

“79% of people who quit their jobs cite ‘lack of appreciation' as their reason for leaving. People don’t leave companies. They leave bosses. "

Who do we support? 

For individual leadership success

Do you want to be a great leader? Discover where the gaps are in your thinking and tap into your full capacity for amazing results and learn how to manage your time, team and stress better. 


For team success

As a result of these trainings, your team will experience a shift in thinking that will be the foundation for a high-performance team environment and better results. 


For business success

Discover how to evolve your business for growth and create
operational excellence that will make you stand out in your market and create great systems to get there.

Every day 10 businesses go under in NZ! Don't become part of that statistic! 

We had a great day with Dani. She was very engaging and got all the team to share ideas and contribute to the session, with some great results out of it. We have already started using the tools Dani gave us in the day-to-day working environment. Dani is a joy to work with.-Your success Limited, Nelson 


Give your team the skills they need to succeed in their role!

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Creating clear communication channels for teams and leaders 

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Create the framework for healthy delegation and mentoring

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Nothing can shake you when you set up your mind with strong foundations and a great strategy!

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Thank you so much, Dani, for your patience and understanding! Your ability to see the point and give me clarity has been an invaluable experience which I am eternally grateful. Your ability to see what is lacking and the gentle way of coaxing it out of me has been a true treasure. Thank you! I thoroughly recommend you to anyone who wants to gain insight and more direction in their lives. Thank you Thank you Thank you



I can really recommend Dani to all of you! She is really genuinely committed to understand and support you in your challenges and life goals. On top of being a great coach, she is also a great person!Had the chance to do a one-on-one coaching with Dani out in the nature. I felt comfortable right away, her guidance was tailored to my needs, and I left the first session with some surprisingly practical advice. Afterwards, Dani was reaching out in order to follow up. All of that just in the start!If you approach Dani's sessions with an open-mind, you'll definitely stick around!



I had an opportunity to participate in the Nature Empowerment Workshop that took place in very creative and unique places. She took care of us in every possible way. I felt like in a very cozy environment guided by an enthusiastic and knowledgeable person. Thank you Daniella for being there for us and guiding us through this freeing and unforgettable experience.



I have always consumed a lot of self-help / productivity material and have even worked with therapists with CBT and other methods at various points in my life, so I was skeptical that another “input” in the form of a coach would make a difference, but Dani’s warm but firm approach creates a safe space to dig deep and deal with the complex underlying emotions, baggage, and personal history that holds all of us back in some way while also ending each session with not only a set of tools and actions but also a revelation that actually makes you change your daily behavior and produces immediate results. She asks fantastic questions and has a surprising toolbox of sophisticated techniques and insights informed by science that I had never encountered before. Every session sticks with me in ways that no other material ever has and becomes a concrete framework for growth. I know that just a few sessions with Dani payed a significant role in achieving an important new step in my career as well as a renewed sense of purpose and meaning.


7 step easy-to-follow formula that will inspire greatness and give more understanding about your leadership gaps! 

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We had a great day with Dani. She was very engaging and got all the team to share ideas and contribute to the session, with some great results out of it. We have already started using the tools Dani gave us in the day-to-day working environment. Dani is a joy to work with.-Your success Limited, Nelson 

Foundations of a high-performance team workshop

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