Foundations of high performing teams workshop

As the leader of your organization people look to you for direction and when they don't get it there is a little part of them that closes down. This is what we call 'stagnation'. There is no growth and you create a team of human-doings who are going through the motions day in and day out. Tell me if this resonates: You are having to tie up the loose ends all the time because some of your team aren't engaged enough? You just want to be able to give them more responsibility but no one does the job just like you? You are doing your best but... the team just doesn't seem to perform that well?


It's OK. You can't be expected to know how to build a happy culture when you have so much else to focus on....


In this "Foundations of a high performing teams" workshop, you and your key managers will learn the tools that will result in a team that not only performs but loves doing it. It gives you a framework for leadership that will result in more cohesiveness, productivity, less staff turnover, and better results.

  • Establish core Vision, Mission, and Values for a High-performance team

  • Learn the Critical Alignment Model™ for engagement

  • Discuss common challenges for leadership and how to fix them

  • Discover the mindset of a leader for organizational success

  • Develop critical coaching skills for effective leadership

  • Upgrade your team performance management system for high acheievers 

As a result of this training, you will experience teams that are clear on the company mission and are taking active steps towards achieving it!