Why are leadership skills so important?

According to 83% out of the said organizations believe that it is important to improve the leadership skills among all levels in an organization... So why are leadership skills so important? and why are they so easily overlooked?

You know the scenario right? The technician is really good at his job and therefore gets a promotion. He is now not doing the roll he is skilled at and all of a sudden is managing people who are doing that roll. This is such a common occurrence in organizations that is its called the technician to management gap! The technical skills now don't serve the team member with the people he has to lead. They are also the skills that are so often not taught!

I wonder if you know someone who might have been in this situation or a business owner that was great at what they were doing and then they left the safety of the company to go out on their own and then all of a sudden had to lead a team!

That is why we need to learn leadership skills. Because they don't come naturally, are not taught in school and most certainly are the hardest skills to learn because there are so many subtleties.

But once they have learnt these skills they will be free to leave the team to do their job with the certainty that everything will get done because they would have communicated the vision, mentored their team to competency and created the communication and feedback loops that guarantee the results!

Another benefit of having great leadership skills is the ability to inspire greatness in others so that they start to take on more responsibility and can eventually take over the leadership role.

If you manage a team and don't have the refined leadership communications skills to facilitate this movement then your team will become reliant on micromanagement instructions and be left disempowered.

The number one skill a leader needs to build is questioning. If the 'know-it-all-technition' barks instructions at the team member and walks around disappointed when his expectations are not met they will end up frustrated and have a short life expectancy in that role. When leading with questions they can engage the team member and find out where they are at and mentor them to be better with empathy and respect.

The second element is to lead by example and therefore model to their team how to effectively communicate amongst themselves. One quote that comes up often is ' Do as I say not as I do' and that is where lots of 'technician' fails to lead. They don't take responsibility to embody the leadership position they are in but expect others to do the work to the best of their abilities anyway. The moment you are managing other people you become a mirror for their behavior and the more integrity, honesty and trust you show the more that will show up in the team.

So in summary leadership skills are so important because they are the X factor of any organization. It is the intangible asset that allows the organization to thrive because they have great people inspiring great teams to get outstanding results!

If you want to find out more about where your leadership gaps are then click on the link and download the profile that highlights key areas of leadership that might have been overlooked!

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