Tried of not achieving your goals?

This is an excellent resource for setting my 90-day goals which I use to get clarity about where I was heading. I suffered through horrible goal-setting SH*** at school and built up a resistance to it because it always meant that I never achieved them.

NZ has a culture of great get-it-done people but we also need to think about the big picture to move us in a direction we consciously choose.

We have to break it down to make it sustainable and achievable. You have to eat an elephant one bite at a time (p.s no elephants were harmed in this example) 🤣

The image I have attached here is also helpful to know that 70% of your goals need to be honouring your core. This is what you need to do in your every day so you don't lose touch with that. Your general marketing, networking, business day-to-day stuff.

If you are loving this and want some more explanation I have also uploaded a 10min video on youtube to watch that explains how to do it effectively.

Here is the link:

I trust this is useful to help you organise what is going on in your mind :)

Download ODT • 15KB

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