Time, time, time

Do you feel like you have no time in the day to stop and look up? This is a common challenge for all business owners when we all have 24 little hours in the day to do so many things! And if you suffer from FOMO then those hours can be excruciating, especially if others are out there doing what you want to be doing. But you are a business owner so..... in you go to your office to put yet more hours into juggling your hectic life.

Understandable but then how do some people run 200 companies and still have the time for their families?

There are 2 things that are clear. They have great structures in place and solid boundaries.

Someone asked me recently what do you do if you are supposed to have the day off and a client calls last minute and 'needs' you? Do you allow those little dollar signs to walk out the door? The straight answer is YES because you need time for yourself because you can't help anyone if you have not topped up your cup first. Counterintuitive isn't it? Maybe their 'need' isn't as urgent as they think and secondly they will respect that you have boundaries in place. If you don't have a day off then how will all the other customers receive you the week after that? We all need to create time for ourselves and ask ourselves 2 things:

1) Are my boundaries in place so that I am being taken care of?

2) What systems can I create so that the business isn't so reliant on me?

If you need a strategic partner to discuss how to balance these things so that you don't lose a grip on all the plates you are juggling then let's talk!

It would be fantastic to have you feeling like you are on top of everything and get time to yourself so that you can be an effective leader! If you start to do have a culture where you are modelling to your team that it is about topping up your cup first then they too will take care of themselves and you will have long-term business success. This will allow you to experience more joy, freedom and fulfilment. So relax. You deserve it!

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