The Secret to Happiness

This is hands down the recipe for feeling contentment in your lives. It is the most overlooked part of our development and people who don’t know this secret suffer from indecision, procrastination and confusion. What is the secret you may want to know? It’s living your life congruent to your values.

Our best selves

We often don’t take the time to think about who we are being in any situation and certainly don’t take the time to write it down. This is why my job as a life coach is so important because people start to commit to themselves, take the time to develop the emotional skills that they need and make conscious decisions about who they want to be. These decisions are always based on their fundamental values that they hold true to themselves. These are the non-nonnegotiable parts of our lives that we want to experience on a consistent basis. We want to be our truest and most authentic expression of ourselves and this only happens when we know our values.

A road map for your decisions

Once you know your values then you have a guide for all of the challenges that come your way. You can start to make decisions with confidence when you know what your criteria is. Take for example the job opportunities that come your way. If you value variety and the job is a very standard and repetitive position then you need to be aware of this because otherwise you will make a decision that is going against your values and 2 months later will be board as ever in your job. You may well be able to say yes to the job but you are aware of the value of variety so you can make up for it in other ways and plan to have more variety in your other activities.

Recognizing values in others

Values give you a clear indicator of what you love or don’t love about the people you interact with. If you share common values then you will have lots in common and share a bond with this person. It is also a very definitive decision making process in your romantic relationships. Simply asking yourself ‘ Does this person value the same things that I do?’ will give you more confidence in your mind.

Elvis said “Values are like figure prints, nobody’s are exactly the same but you leave them all over everything you do”

You are already making decisions in accordance to your values but until you have conscious awareness about this it doesn’t help us on our pursuit to happiness.

For a full list of values visit and start living your life true to them today. Pick 15 of your top ones and then narrow it down to 10 and keep these main ones in your awareness. Write them on your wall, talk about them and make sure you keep reviewing them each year because they may change.

By Dani Ferrier

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