The honest truth about being a leader!

"Can I be painfully honest with you for a moment?" Says the boss.....Then the team member has anxiety about what is coming next.

The blow that is going to hurt ..... And then the confusion, the anger about the feedback...

This is normal human behaviour. We are all programmed to protect ourselves. That is the reptilian part of the brain. If they value growth they will then live through the emotion and on the other side, they will find gratitude for the knowledge they now hold about how they can grow. And an overwhelming feeling that someone was finally real with them!

As leaders, we need to learn how to say what needs to be said...

As a recovering people pleasure myself I realized this was holding me back from achieving my goals and was not inspiring others to be better. I was not leaning into the uncomfortable feelings that it takes to be a leader. It was keeping the people I was leading MEDIOCRE and THAT is what ruins a great team. People who want to be the status quo. As leaders, we need to shake them out of it. Talk straight and inspire them to be better. To fight for more.

Rude, you might think? Well actually, it's only rude if that is your intention. If it is done with LOVE then it is not rude because you have their best interest at heart. They can feel that you are doing it because you value their growth. You say it with a tone that makes them realize you care!

How many times have you had someone say, "I just want you to be real with me?"

It's because people who value growth are looking for feedback, they are looking for ways to be better and that is who you want on your team!

If you are walking around as a leader trying not to 'hurt anyone's feelings' then you will attract people that are not striving for more. And that is never going to build the high-performance team that will bring your company success.

Are you ready to take the next step as a leader and know that you need to tap into that side of you and start getting results with your team? Book in for a 30min consultation to map out your next 90 days as a leader and identify what is holding you back from inspiring your team to follow you!

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