My Ideal Average day for Conscious leaders

Updated: Apr 14

Don't just set your goals, design an ideal, average day that brings you back to your heart's desires on a constant basis. It's not a holiday. It's looking at what we want in our lives and that moves us towards our dreams. Greatness doesn't happen over night, it happens when your daily habits amount to an incredible achievement.

The frame

If you could have the perfect day what would it look like? What would you eat for breakfast? Who would you meet up with? What would your conversations be about? What would you do in the afternoon? How many hours would you work? Where would you live?

Imagine your ideal, average day regardless of the challenges you are facing currently. DARE TO DREAM! This is the key to your growth because you can learn how to overcome challenges, as long as you know where you are heading. Everyone is always clear on what they don't want but often don't stop to think what they do what.

Vivid imagination creates your reality

Your imagination is your greatest friend and the more vivid the image is the more your subconscious will move you towards it. It should take anywhere between 6-18 months to achieve your ideal day, but remember don't attach yourself to the outcome, it's about who we become in the process that is important.

The menial tasks

Let's face it, housework and admin are part of our lives and the mindset towards them is the key. Plan them into your day so that you can get on top of them and not let them get you down.

Work and finances

If you spent the 'who time' sipping margaritas it would be great for about a week but then your bank account wouldn't be too happy! What ideal work life balance would you like to create? Are you currently working full time but long to go down to part time? Does working from home sound appealing but you haven't made the leap yet?

Keeping up with the Joneses

We all do it, but ask yourself: Why do I want this? What is the experience it brings me? Is it significance, excitement or adventure? Once you have your answer, think of other ways you can create this feeling in your life.

Make it sustainable

Think of the emotions that you want to experience in a day. Are they reliant on others? For example, "When I go to work I want everyone to say hi to me." This is relying on external factors to make you happy and this is what we want to avoid. Set yourself up for success and not let downs. You need to be the cause of your own happiness.

Have the conversation

Do this activity with your partner and family. Fine tune and redefine it after every major life change.

So what are you waiting for? Get our your pen and paper and start designing your dream!

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