How to stop over thinking

We suffer from overwhelm when our brain is processing too much information so it is of little surprise that we grind our minds until the bitter end when we have no structure. Our brain is constantly looking for answers to the questions that we ask it and questions like 'Why me?' or ' Is he thinking about me?' will send our brains running at 100 miles an hour to try answer these questions. So the key is to ask yourself better questions and manageable, bite size chunks of information. If you can't stop thinking about a situation that happened this morning for example then try saying 'What about this situation can I control?' then you will have a solid list of things you can then focus on. If you are worried about an upcoming event that you can not stop thinking about then ask ' What can I do about this situation RIGHT NOW?' and then form a plan based on these answers. If the mind is left to wonder then wonder it will but this is a extraordinary piece of equipment. We just need to learn how to use it. So next time take a breath, and ask yourself some practical questions around the topic. Act on them and let the rest go.

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