How does a leader deal with a person who consistently ignores the systems..

Someone asked me recently: How does a leader of an organisation deal with a person who consistently ignores and won’t use the processes/systems that are required?

There are a few things to consider.

👉Firstly: Is the current environment of the organization set up with super clear standards around what is expected? How do you know this?

👉Secondly: How has the communication been in dealing with the contractor about the expectations? Ie. Was there just a general group email sent out or was that person personally called to discuss what potential barriers they have in complying with the systems? What responsibility can the leader take in this situation that could be avoided for next time? Eg. The leader needs to be responsible that the communication that has been received and be open to feedback about it.

👉And lastly, Then there needs to be a coaching process to understand why the person is not meeting expectations through asking great questions and developing a new clear pathway created for that team member to follow. During the conversation, there needs to be a standard set of what will happen if the expectations are not met and then disciplinary action is taken.

Does anyone have anything else they would like to add? How else could we approach this? I would love to hear your thoughts...

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