Can you afford to not be a new-age business?

Now, the thing about the New Age businesses is that they are not just a business, they are not just there to punch the ticket. The thing about New Age business is that there are so many businesses but how are you going to differentiate yourself from the rest? And if we go back a few steps, and we think about how businesses came about in the first place, you think about the world wars, you think about the necessity, the way that the world was growing, businesses came about because they needed those commodities. But now it's a New Age and business is different. Things have changed. And businesses now are not just a business, they are a movement!

The ones that are standing out from the crowd. They are a business on a mission with a really clear vision and a really clear purpose. So that's what I'm going to be talking about today, the distinction between the average business that just shows up, does the job and goes home, and the business that has a very clear mission. They work towards and realize that mission, and they know why that is so important.

When you think about creating a movement, when you think about the vision that you have for your company, there's no better person to put this into perspective, than Seth Godin. In his book Tribes. He talks about how every single person that starts a business needs to realize that they are a leader, creating a movement to bring everybody with them. They need to get people on board with their mission, so that people feel like they're part of something. We know that humans want to belong, it's why we are connected to each other, we want to belong to part of something. There's a beautiful metaphor that I use. Every cell in an elephant's body is important. Because, imagine if one little cell had cancer, then that elephant would die. So it's recognizing that the employees and your company, the people who are in your community, every single person there matters. And every single person wants to be part of something that's greater than themselves.

The benefits of knowing your vision really clearly, are you'll be able to maintain trust. Maintain trust with your employees and maintain trust with your customers. And that creates real loyalty. Because if you're just there to punch the ticket, if you're just there to show up and then go home, you're not creating that emotional connection that people have with your business. So it's integral for your business to start voicing its why talking about the mission, talking about the purpose, so that everybody gets on board. So that everybody knows why it's important that they buy from you. Why it's important that your team gets out of bed in the morning to come to work. And this is so awesome because once we start to identify what our vision is, once we know our mission statement, we start to make decisions in line with it.

Some of you may be thinking, well, if everyone does that we won't stand out. But actually, what happens is, that you bring your uniqueness to the game, you stand for something. Your customers care that you stand for something. And when you start making decisions in line with that goal, in line with that mission, you have direction. There's a saying, I'm sure you've heard it, a man without a purpose is like a ship without a rudder. And it's exactly the same for businesses. If you do not have a purpose in your business, if not, every single employee then knows why they're there. There's no direction. So where are the criteria for making decisions? How do we know what our outcome is going to be?

Take the time today to write down the mission and your vision clearly and if not everyone in your company already know it then it's not being talked about enough!

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