Build the dream

You are not the only one that has big hopes and dreams for yourself, your team does too.

So why then do so many businesses disregard this?

We want to go against the status quo and create an environment that values growth and acknowledges the person and not just the job. In my article "How to become an inspired leader and build a high-performance team"Step number 8 highlights how this plays out in the big picture.

There is nothing more powerful and motivating than a boss that knows, cares and supports their team member to achieve big things. This fosters an environment of growth.

One-on-one conversations can seem like a time-consuming activity when you have so much on but what I have experienced is that companies that have growth conversations way outperform others. This is because the team are engaged and has support in their role to grow and don't just feel like a number. There is a difference between 'just having a chat' and creating the space to be fully focused and present to one person at a time so you can truly connect.

Some things to consider when having the conversation is not just WHAT to say but WHO YOU NEED TO BE. This will have a dramatic outcome in for your team and create the X factor in your business that no one can quantify but your team will not become disengaged because you care.

If there is a bad attitude creeping in for whatever reason your 1;1 chat is also a great chance to 'nip it in the bud' because you will have a chance to connect and hear them out.

If you are interested in getting a simple framework to give you confidence when having these conversations then click the link below.

How to have growth conversations
Download PDF • 29KB

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