A Matrix for change- Mindset for leaders

Updated: Apr 14

A Matrix for change

“The only thing that remains the same is change

The human experience allows us to be governed by fear that holds us back from change. We are perpetually shying away from growth opportunities because it doesn't 'feel good'. We are so comfortable. Change does feel strange and that's Ok as long as you are prepared to push through it and get the reward on the other side which is of course, improving who you are as a person which ultimately leads to more happiness.

Change is inevitable, progress is not.

As the world spins around us we are constantly changing. The seasons are changing and the make up of our daily lives is too. The only problem is that we get stuck in our stagnant day to day and don't challenge ourselves to see anything a different way. Like the change in season, change is there for a reason. Accept what your feeling, there is no point in believing that this will never end. When you set yourself a path and make the most of change and head towards your goals you actively progress. Become an agent of change. The one that seeks out the challenges and dives in deep to the uncomfortable feeling when change is all around us. The only thing that stays the same is change.

Effective acceptance of change takes personal trust in self.

When we are growing up our emotional awareness if shaped and formed by the experiences we have. Now that we are adults we need to go back and question how much we trust ourselves and if not then work out how to build it. We no longer need to be governed by the beliefs that we created about ourselves as children. You can literally change them by seeking a better one. Start setting yourself really small goals and achieve them so you can build trust in yourself. You can also do this by building your self esteem. This is done by valuing others as much as you value yourself. Having a good balance.

Change is not the end, its the beginning.

Let's face it, we all need an adjustment period when new stuff happens. We need to wait for it to grow on us and those of us who see it as an opportunity are the real winners. When chaos hits then these guys are really looking for the silver lining. If we take on this mindset we can look for opportunities that would otherwise be turned down because we were too emotional and not ready for change.

The person most able to change will succeed. We all do it, but ask yourself: how could I change my mindset to be more receptive to change and what effects would that have on my life? What would happen if I stayed resistant to change in 5 years?

Our thoughts should be occupied with what we can control and influence.

We can only focus our attention on a curtain number of things in life and if you allocate a few chunks of them to worry then you are wasting your energy. The only things you can control are your own actions, thoughts and beliefs. The rest is not worth stressing over.You need to be the cause of your own happiness. Its all up to how you focus your attention. Are you always coming up with reason why you cant instead of reasons why you can? Where is all your brain power going?

Rock this new change attitude with pride and call yourself up on any resistance you feeling. Associate change with growth.

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