5 Not so well known traits of a leader

Success leaves clues and leadership is no different. There are always reoccurring themes that show up in every leaders profile and they are not the thing you might think!

Discover 5 not so well known traits that you can develop to become an inspiring leader and create amazing trust with your team!

Keep reading to the end to find out what you can do to improve your leadership traits.

1) Not being afraid to get things wrong!

Our society develops us to believe that we must 'get it right' all the time and our schooling system sets us up to believe that things are 'right' and 'wrong'. This is a plague within our society and it stops people taking action because they are so afraid of the shame of getting it wrong. Is this resonating with you? Because I sure know that it stopped me from taking action for a long, long time! You must model giving things a go so that your teams is open to trying new things. This will encourage innovation and thinking out side the box which could be the difference between a mediocre team and one that is thriving.

2) Demonstrates big picture thinking

We all know that leaders need to be able to bring us to a common goal but one of the most important elements of this is always referring back to it. This allows the leader to ALWAYS make decisions that are inline with the outcome and thus save time on useless tasks and procrastination. To do this they need to use a thinking model to upgrade their thinking and systemize their approach.

3) Giving feedback with love

Have you ever had someone give you 'the bullshit' sandwich and you are just thinking " O please, you only said those nice things so you could say the real piece of feedback you wanted!" - You just want honesty! And this is so important for a leader. They need to be direct and share it with a tone and energy of total care and compassion. For example a great leader would say " I can really see your commitment here and I wonder if you are interested in hearing how you can grow a little more in this area?' Can you scene how this comment along with a nice tone could go a really long way when talking to a team member?

4) Doesn't take themselves too seriously

We all have faults, we are humans. When people take themselves seriously they model to others that we must be perfect. This is impossible. The more you know what your stretches are the more 'human' you will seem for your team and that will mean they can connect with you better. We have moved away from the old school 'Authoritarian leadership' and getting into Authentic leadership which requires a curtain amount of irreverence to yourself and being able to laugh at your own humanity.

5) Knows how to feel their emotions

Out with the old school 'Men have no feelings' attitude and in with the "Feelings are meant to be felt" attitude! Feelings are feedback for us and great leaders are able to receive these messages and feel through them. That is why great leaders are not tied up in a knot and stressed all the time because they have a constant practice of letting go of built up tension by taking the time to feel what they are feeling!

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