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level for your business!

"Coaching is the key to a successful leader"

Tell me if this resonates with you? You have been an achiever all your life and this has gotten you where you are today. You have a great career and either you own the business or have a leadership position in it. Now you are starting to see that your dreams of being a leader at that level will require you to dig deep and really find out what you are made of! Life is getting ever busier and you need to learn how to delegate and plan your time better.


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This is your time to grow!

Build your leadership skills so you can step back and stop working in your business and start working on it. Feel fulfilled, create success and take your company forwards. 

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What We Do









Transformation day

Get clear on your outcomes and what you need to succeed as the leader you want to be.

We decide on your 6-month, 1-year and 5-year strategy and create clear action steps to start implementing straight away! 

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"Make decisions your future self will thank you for." 

Key areas to accelerate your leadership

Self awarness

Build your self-awareness so you can play to your strengths and know where your growth areas are. 


Get systems in place so everything runs smoothly and you know what your next step is.

Strategic thinking

Learn how to model and use frameworks to upgrade your thinking and use critical thinking to make fast decisions in your business. 


Know your values and beliefs that will set you up for success and build resilience in yourself that will help with stress and overwhelm. 

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Leadership profile tool

You will also receive an option to perform a Meta Dynamics profile. This helps us further understand your thinking style. This allows us to upgrade our thinking as leaders. 

Coaching requires action, commitment and a willingness to stretch yourself. You will get given specific tasks to work on in between sessions and watch yourself transform as a leader.

Do the mini profile now for FREE and upgrade to a more complex one if you love it! Just enter in this code: ZgsA0mC9Xu


Gilbert, Business strategist

We had a great day with Dani. She was very engaging, and got all the team sharing ideas and contributing to the session, with some great results out of it. We have already started using the tools Dani gave us in the day to day working environment. Dani is a joy yo work with.


Almeria, CEO 

Dani is an amazing Coach & Mentor! She's extremely knowledge & insightful and always know how to create a comfortable atmosphere! My sessions with her was fun, transformational and an amazing learning experience! Will highly recommend her services!



Jessye, Lawyer

Working with Dani has been a real game changer! She really listens and has helped me come up with accessible solutions that I use every day! I feel so comfortable sharing, and after every session, I feel so much stronger and much better equipped to take on what life throws at me. I feel so grateful for having this extra support in my life - I think everyone needs a Dani!

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