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The ultimate solution to maintain and attract the right people in a climate where a high-performance team is paramount to you and your company's survival! Discover the proven way leadership can transform your people!

7 step- Easy to follow formula

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The workplace is changing and money isn't enough of an incentive anymore. People want to live their purpose through their work. They want to feel supported to try new things, feel free to innovate and be certain that they matter. We know that when individuals feel this way they perform better and it benefits your entire organization.


If you want to increase engagement, reduce absenteeism and turnover, then you need to put these leadership principles into place for long-term, sustainable business success. This pdf introduces you to 7 easy steps that build your leadership skills and create a high-performance team.


Develop a clear growth pathway for each team member


Establish an inspirational company vision


Build connection by finding out the dreams of your team

You Will Learn How To


Develop a company manifesto your team LOVE

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  • Feeling so overwhelmed because you can't trust your team to get it done as well as you can?

  • Fearing that if you were not there it would all fall apart…

  • Having to do the work yourself because you can't find the right people?

  • Wishing you had more time to work on the business instead of in it…

  • Biting off more than you can chew?

Have you ever found yourself:

Take a breath!

"It's OK. You can't be expected to know how to build a high-performing culture when you have so much else to focus on.... let me show you in 7 steps how to start this process!" 

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Are you a business owner wanting to achieve big results? Business is always going to demand more of you than you have. That is why you need to develop your people by having a leadership mindset. It allows you to delegate more effectively and have more trust in your team. Time is precious to you, having the ability to be an inspired leader and put these frameworks into place now will afford you more time in the future. You won't lose time on silly things that consume you in areas that could be delegated to others as they start to take on more responsibility.

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Developing a leadership mindset

This is a rapidly changing business economy and the companies that are outshining the rest are the ones who have an amazing culture and high-performing teams. It's not all bean bags and smoothy machines. It's just solid leadership that is fueled with love and understanding. 

Keeping up with a changing world

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“79 percent of people who quit their jobs cite ‘lack of appreciation as their reason for leaving. People don’t leave companies. They leave bosses. "*


Learn how to give feedback that your team actually takes onboard


Create an environment for ideas and innovation


Set clear standards and expectations


Nelson Tasman business trust

"Dani's talk was very professional and well structured. She communicated her message well, and related it to her audience of small business owners. She is a confident, relaxed presenter, who has a great future as a public speaker. "



"Dani is a wonderful life coach who takes the time to listen to you and asks great questions to understand yourself and your actions better. You just notice out of everything that she has heaps of passion for what she does and possesses great knowledge as a coach with the type of questions she asks and the techniques she works with."



"Dani is an amazing Coach & Mentor! She's extremely knowledge & insightful and always know how to create a comfortable atmosphere! My sessions with her was fun, transformational and an amazing learning experience! Will highly recommend her services!"

"Dani Ferrier is mentored by Sharon (Remi) Pearson, -Australasia's most successful coach!"

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Dani Ferrier is Nelson's only Meta Dynamics trained coach, speaker and International facilitator at International Coaching Institute.


Having mentored coaches, business owners, and other clients all around the world, Dani brings unparalleled passion for helping companies build high-performance teams and supports business owners to have more free time!


Contact Dani and discover how to become the Inspired leader you have always wanted to be and create a high-performance environment that supports the growth of your company!

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What People Say



Working with Dani has been a real game-changer! She really listens and has helped me come up with accessible solutions that I use every day! I feel so comfortable sharing, and after every session, I feel so much stronger and much better equipped to take on what life throws at me. I feel so grateful for having this extra support in my life - I think everyone needs a Dani!



DANIIII Thanks a lot for the great workshop. Dani was able to deliver a very fun, interactive workshop, yet full of self exploration and shifting perspective. The way she communicates and conducted the sessions made me feel very safe and open to share my experiences and dig deeper into my own values, which generated immediate great shifts within me. Your work is much appreciated, keep it up! :D

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Dani has an infectious zest for life and loads of enthusiasm for helping people tap into their own strengths and values. She'll provide the thoughtful questions - you just bring an open mind. Highly recommend.

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This is for you if you are: 

  • I feel ready for me and my managers to take the next step in the leadership journey

  • I’ve been freestyling for too long and i am not getting the results from my team

  • I know there is a better way and I need to find that way

  • I want to get out of the daily grind and create more freedom for myself

  • I’m passionate about becoming a better leader for myself and others

  • I want to learn more about how I can create change in my life and career

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Who is this NOT for? 

  • Things cannot change for our team, change is too hard

  • I am already a great thinker and know all I need to know

  • I do not believe things can be different for me

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