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If your life looks great on paper but feels crap in real life, we need to talk.


Let me share with you a story about a client of mine from Sweden who recently posted this of her experience. 

"I have always consumed a lot of self-help / productivity material and have even worked with therapists with CBT and other methods at various points in my life, so I was skeptical that another “input” in the form of a coach would make a difference, but Dani’s warm but firm approach creates a safe space to dig deep and deal with the complex underlying emotions, baggage, and personal history that holds all of us back in some way while also ending each session with not only a set of tools and actions but also a revelation that actually makes you change your daily behavior and produces immediate results. She asks fantastic questions and has a surprising toolbox of sophisticated techniques and insights informed by science that I had never encountered before. Every session sticks with me in ways that no other material ever has and becomes a concrete framework for growth. I know that just a few sessions with Dani payed a significant role in achieving an important new step in my career as well as a renewed sense of purpose and meaning.

I would highly recommend investing in coaching with Dani, especially for those who want to take their goals and daily experience of life to a new level and have already tried more passive, DIY methods and materials for professional development.

Dani can help you face and overcome things you did not even know were holding you back, and see connections between patterns of thinking and current behaviors and results. I look forward to every session and after every session, I feel like I am tossing aside things that are no longer serving me and have a new level of clarity and certainty, a sense of play and fun, and a new level of self-confidence and happiness.

I look forward to continuing and seeing what else Dani has in her toolbox. She consumes and synthesizes the best of many sources of wisdom and research to create high-impact sessions that lead to results that months of therapy, consuming motivational material, or journaling could never achieve"


- Megan, Sweden