About Me

I Help you climb the metaphorical mountains of your mind for peak performance. 

Hi, I am Dani Ferrier the founder of Dani Ferrier Coaching and through my online program, workshops and one on one coaching I help leaders like you to build your confidence, have deeper connections with your team and create a work-life balance you crave. Whether you are a business owner looking to train your managers, a leader who wants to develop themselves, or just want to connect with like minded people I am here to help you develop yourself. 

I trust that this is the beginning of an awesome relationship and I look forward to watching your journey unfold. I can not wait to rock out with you as you make this commitment to developing your leadership skills so you can step back and watch them thrive without you having to be there. 

During my world-class training, I learned the models and tools that will give you the certainty of your results because they are the only science-based mythologies in the industry.


You will notice the difference as you create thriving relationships and trust through meaningful action and identify what is holding you back so you can be the leader you have always wanted to be. You will be able to learn leadership success principles and start to become an inspiration to those around you. You will allow yourself to have more fun , feel understood and live a life of impact. 

When you invest in leadership coaching there is nothing you can not achieve because I am here to champion you, support you during the challenges, and hold you accountable to guarantee results.